Commercial River Trips

If you’d like a sense of what running the Colorado River through Grand Canyon can be like, take a look at this great video of running Hermit Rapids. Hermit is about one of the most fun rapids you can run anywhere!

If you are looking for information on running the river privately with your own boats, please visit my Private Grand Canyon River Trips page.

White Water Raft Trips (One-Day Trips)

Hualapai River Runners offers all day trips in the western end of the canyon. Trips originate at Diamond Creek north of Peach Springs, AZ, a drive of about 160 miles (4-5 hours) from the South Rim. For more details call (800) 622-4409 or (928) 769-2210.

Smooth Water Raft Trips (Half-Day Trips)

Half-day trips on the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry are provided by Colorado River Discovery. Call (800) 528-6154 or (928) 645-3279 for more information.

Multi-Day White Water Raft Trips

Commercial outfitters offer a variety of trips. Most trips take 7-18 days involving a variety of craft-paddle rafts, motorized rafts, and dories. Please contact the companies directly for more details. The section below lists the concessioners licensed to guide river trips at Grand Canyon. There are many to choose from; I recommend that you visit each company’s website to find the service that suits your interest and abilities best. The following is a list of River Concessioners that offer river trips through the Grand Canyon. Visit the NPS River Trips page for more information.

River Concessioners

Aramark-Wilderness River Adventures
(800) 992-8022

Arizona Raft Adventures, Inc.
(800) 786-RAFT; (928) 526-8200

Arizona River Runners, Inc.
(800) 477-7238; (602) 867-4866

Canyon Explorations/Canyon Expeditions
(800) 654-0723; (928) 774-4559

Canyoneers, Inc.
(800) 525-0924; (928) 526-0924

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions, Inc.
(800) 253-7328; (801) 261-1789

Grand Canyon Discovery, Inc.
(800) 786-7238; (928) 526-8200

Grand Canyon Dories
(800) 346-6277; (209) 736-4677

Grand Canyon Expeditions Company
(800) 544-2691; (435) 644-2691

Grand Canyon Whitewater, LLC
(800) 343-3121; (928) 779-2979

Hatch River Expeditions, Inc.
(800) 856-8966; (928) 526-4700

Moki Mac River Expeditions, Inc.
(800) 786-7238

O.A.R.S. Grand Canyon, Inc.
(800) 346-6277; (209) 736-4677

Outdoors Unlimited
(800) 637-7238; (928) 526-4511

Tour West, Inc.
(800) 453-9107; (801) 225-0755

Western River Expeditions, Inc.
(866) 904-1160; (801) 942-6669