How-To Hiking Videos

Backpack the Grand Canyon-A Scenic Guide for the Bright Angel, South Kaibab and North Kaibab Trails
Gary Brown, Real World Productions

The Grand Canyon is such an extreme environment, but too often people come completely unprepared for a place so different from the mountains and lower elevations that they are accustomed to. People so often get into trouble because they hike down first and then—oops!—have to hike out. And they don’t realize just how far they hiked in! And then top that off with our high elevations (2400 at the Colorado River to 8200 at the North Rim), and you are asking for all kinds of trouble. Then of course, most people take their vacations in the summertime—the very worst time to hike into the canyon when temperatures can top 120 degrees!

Real World Productions has done their research and it shows. The information here will help people who plan on hiking at all times of the year. It also gives practical details on transportation, providing details on airports from all surrounding areas that serve the North and South Rims. This video is very well thought out and will be extremely helpful for those coming from out-of-state in planning just getting to the park, which is no easy feat in itself. Getting a permit is discussed in great detail—even down to filling out the form and when precisely to send it in. This is extremely valuable information! Campsites, toilets, water faucets, resthouses—all kinds of pointers and information that will make your life on the trail more pleasant and easier to plan are discussed. Care has been taken with the details and reflects the latest information. And with the beautiful cinematography, you’ll actually enjoy watching it as you’re learning! I also found the narrator’s voice very pleasant. The video is also available as an Amazon’s Instant Video.Highly recommended!

Jon’s DVD Hiking Guides – Grand Canyon National Park
Jonathan Shannon

Unlike many other offerings in hiking DVDs, this hiking guide offers information on each of the Corridor Trails (Bright Angel Trail and the North and South Kaibab Trails) as well as other trail trails at the canyon. It is divided into three sections: 1) South Rim Trails, 2) North Rim Trails, and 3) Grand Canyon Facilities. There is a guide to the DVD explaining whether each hike can be done as a day hike or a backpack trip, and then rates each on a 1 – 5 scale of difficulty. While no single book or DVD can completely prepare a person for hiking the Grand Canyon, this DVD does a great job in helping someone even plan which rim and trail they should consider doing. Nicely narrated with accurate and useful information with a backdrop of beautiful photography.


Have you ever been curious what it would be like to be a thru-hiker on the 2,170 mile long trail that runs from Maine to Georgia? I guarantee that it’s completely different from hiking Grand Canyon, and I know some of my hikers have longed to take that challenging trip. If you’ve ever been curious or have plans to hike the trail, this is a great film to watch! I’ve noticed that you can now even rent it through Netflix or download through Amazon Unbox!

Hiking Grand Canyon
National Park Service

This brief video will help backpackers prepare for the unique rigors of the Grand Canyon and serve as a palpable reminder not to take this hike lightly. Dedicated to the memory of a hiker who died in the canyon, the 20-minute video begins with a National Park Service Ranger outlining some of the trek’s difficulties, followed by several interviews of hikers who got dehydrated, hurt, or started a brush fire by burning toilet paper. The tape is most useful in stressing that the easiness of the beginning downhill climb will not prepare hikers for the most strenuous part of the hike at the end as they climb out of the world’s deepest canyon. Also helpful are the explicit instructions on what gear to pack (and for what season), what to wear, where to camp, weather alerts, and tips on saving energy.

The Hiking Grand Canyon video is now viewable as a videocast from the park’s website. The podcast is also as available as a free download from the iTunes Music Store: Hiking Grand Canyon Channel. This is a great video to help you prepare for hiking trips at the Canyon. It is the same hiking video that has been sent out with backcountry permits for several years and has helped many hikers properly prepare for an enjoyable inner canyon journey. Definitely worth viewing!

Hiking the Grand Canyon – The Corridor Trails
ConMara Publishing, Inc.

Most first-time hikers to the Grand Canyon begin hiking on the Corridor trails. These trails include the Bright Angel and South Kaibab from the South Rim and the North Kaibab from the North Rim. There is no such thing as an easy trail in the canyon, but these are definitely the first ones you should consider hiking before attempting ANY of the others. The video includes computer graphics and maps to show you what to expect on the trails, and includes tips and advice on making your journey fun and safe. The narrator’s voice gets on my nerves a little bit, and I’ve had others say the same, but the wealth of information provided makes it worth watching. Available in DVD.